Instituto PreveniRe:

Specialist doctors practicing Alternative Medicine

In 2003, a group of Colombian doctors, all specialists in different branches of medicine, decided to form a Health Services Provider that included within the therapeutic tools ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE!

14 years ago our first program was the ALTERNATIVE MANAGEMENT OF CHRONIC RENAL FAILURE ...

And today we are the ONLY health entity IN COLOMBIA that cares patients with Kidney Disease by the hand of a NEPHROLOGIST who is also a specialist in Functional Medicine and Alternative Medicine!

Come and experience the PREVENIRE´S METHOD ... and your life will never be the same again!

Welcome to Instituto PreveniRe:

We are a non-profit organization that intends to make a new form of medicine, integrating the Traditional Medicine and Alternative Medicine in the process of chronic diseases care! ........... See more

                                                                                                                       "Man only heals, nature knows how to heal". Hipocrates

Carrera 7B bis # 132-38. Consultorio 704 


Bogotá, D.C - Colombia


Anyone who visits PreveniRe is valued initially by a specialist in Internal Medicine and Functional Medicine.

Regardless of the diagnosis, the treatment consists of 3 stages, begining with a DETOXIFICATION AND DRAINAGE stage by means of which are applied sweating to cleanse the body of accumulated toxic substances, drug residues and excess free radicals.

Then, depending on the disease, the patient is presented to the indicated specialist. For example: for a kidney disease, the specialist is a Nephrologist and for a joint disease the specialist is a Rheumatologist and / or Orthopedist, etc. 

The specialist initiates a specific treatment for the disease making use of nutraceutica, homeopathy and other alternative therapies besides adjusting the conventional medicines that the person has. All tending to improve the immune system and the natural responsiveness to the disease. This phase is the fundamental pillar of the PREVENIRE METHOD

And finally, depending on the degree of commitment of the disease and the damages that have generated, it is passed to the phase of REGENERATIVE MEDICINE where the specialist uses therapies with medicines that allow specific unanutrición of the damaged cell or the implantation of AUTOLOGOUS stem cells in order to strengthen the regenerative capacity that have all living beings!


Hope is not pretending that there are no problems!

Life is made up of millions of moments, lived in a thousand different ways. Some, we seek health, others love, peace and harmony. And others are dedicated to surviving the day to day. Having faith is a source of strength and renewal within us, which will guide us from darkness to light. It is the confidence of knowing that wounds will heal and difficulties will be overcome. Each time you feel disappointment that you do not receive what you want or expect, do not see it as rejection or bad luck ... just think that it is a tremendous opportunity to something a lot Better than you expected. But there are no more full moments than that in which we discover that life, with its joys and its sorrows, MUST BE LIVED DAY TO DAY. This is the knowledge that gives us the most wonderful truth. Even if we live in a forty-fourth mansion, surrounded by wealth, or fight from month to month to pay rent, we have the power to be totally satisfied and live a life with real meaning. Every day we have that power, enjoying every moment and Rejoicing with every dream. Because every day is new and brand new, and we can start over and make all our dreams come true! Every day is new, and if we live it fully, we can truly enjoy life and live it to the fullest...

May God keep our hope alive!