The PreveniRe Method

The "PREVENIRE METHOD" allows anyone to combat the changes of premature aging, prevent the onset of chronic diseases and if you already have a disease, is an ideal method for a complementary treatment.

This method has been proven in cases such as: Renal Insufficiency, Articular and Osteo-Muscular Degenerative diseases, degenerative diseases of the brain, liver, lung, heart and in people with cancer, diabetes, hypertension and others.

The PREVENIRE METHOD is a form of FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE where conventional medicine and alternative medicine are combined, but with the help of a qualified specialist physician. There are many cases where we have succeeded in replacing the vast majority of conventional medicines with natural and biological medicines! The treatment with alternative medicine is COMPLEMENTARY and not substitute for conventional medicines. 

The PREVENIRE METHOD is a form of Functional Medicine where a physician specializing in Internal Medicine and Functional Medicine performs an initial assessment and then establish the management plan with the respective specialist according to the disease. The PREVENIRE METHOD always contemplates 3 faces in the medical management of any chronic disease and always the patient initiates its treatment with a Phase of Drainage and Detoxification in order to clean all the free radicals that are responsible for the OXIDATIVE STRESS, present in the majority of People with a chronic illness. At the same time the patient is valued by a professional in nutrition and Dietetics who will make the necessary changes for a NEW STYLE OF LIFE. Diet is a fundamental pillar in the PreveniRe method. The Second Phase contemplates the assessment by the specialist according to the disease. For example: Renal Disease = Specialist in Nephrology, Osteo-Articular Disease = Specialist in Orthopedics, etc. The specialist who also has training in alternative medicine, initiates a phase called "Alternative management of the disease"; Where through alternative therapies, the individual's immune system is modulated and the specific signs and symptoms are treated. In this phase we are trying to give back to the immune system the ability to participate in the patient's healing process. "Nobody knows our body better than our immune system" And the Third Phase is called "Cell Regeneration". In this phase we activate natural mechanisms of organic repair and in some cases we support the process of regeneration with the implant of pluripotent autologous stem cells. And when the number of these stem cells is not enough for the repair process (because over the years and due to the same disease, these cells fall asleep and function slower than the rate of the disease), we expand them by laboratory procedures . "We are organisms capable of self-restraint" To all patients subjected to the PreveniRe Method, we hold Prayer and Life workshops to strengthen our spirit, which is the particular characteristic of the human being over all living beings. 

Our spirit is a powerful healing tool!

WE ARE: BODY-MIND and SPIRIT! ... then our healing is in achieving a balance in these three aspects of our being.

The Healing Power of Our Spirit

Our Spirit !, is a healing tool to the extent that we are able to use it to communicate with God. The Bible is a message from God the Father to every human being and it is a personal and private message. Only as we read the Bible with our hearts and enter into communion with God can we find our own message! ..... (Page 16)

Remember that we are the only creature on earth that we were endowed with a spirit.

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