The healing power of our spirit!


I will begin by saying: "I do not know what would happen to my life if I stopped feeling the love of God" ... "I do not know how I would act if I stopped feeling the Lord's company" ... "I do not know how to practice my profession if Not for the glory of God. " (Dr. Pedro A. González L). Author

Our Spirit !, is a healing tool to the extent that we are able to use it to communicate with God.

Remember that We are the only creatures on earth that we were endowed with a SPIRIT, the other creatures only have SOUL!

1 When Jesus went down on the mountainside, great multitudes followed him. 2 Suddenly a leper came up to him and knelt before him. "Sir," said the man, "if you wish, you can heal me and make me clean." 3 Jesus reached out and touched him. "I do," he said. Stay healthy! Immediately, the leprosy disappeared. (Matthew 8: 1-3)

The Bible is a message from God the Father to every human being and it is a personal and private message. Only as we read the Bible with our hearts and enter into communion with God can we find our own message! (Page 16)